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Bring Your Own Breakables

pile of memorabilia from a failed relationship, ex_ old wedding photos in frames, wedding

New beginnings

Still holding on to bad memories? Time to let go of all that stuff that no longer serves you. Release the grip of days gone by and smash away the past!

garage packed with old useless stuff , with a man wondering how to get rid of it.jpg

Clear the clutter

You know you've been holding onto all that crap thinking you would use it one day, we all know it won't happen and you need to make room. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, we can help give that stuff a new home and someone a good time smashing it all to little pieces.

extremely cluttered office full of old computers and old electronics.jpg

Office Space

Need to update your office equipment but not sure what to do with the old stuff? Old printer still giving you a hard time? Call us we can help clear up your space and make some room for the new. 

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